三地好心人布衣图库 ?Epstein accuser 'assaulted by his female associate' says Prince Andrew was used as bait

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A wo【深圳图源总图库欢迎你 】man who claims she was trafficked and abused by Jeffrey Epstein when she was just 15 intends to launch a lawsuit against the late millionaire paedophil【单双四肖期期准平码一肖 】es estate. The woman, who did not give her name and goes by Jane Doe 15, spoke publicly for the first time since the alleged abuse. She said a female associate of Epstein b【远亲孤旧朋友打一肖 】egan grooming her for sex with Epstein by gifting her an iPo

d. T【必中香港生肖五行预测 】he associate then【三地布衣图库、最早最快 】 sexually assaulted her at Epsteins New Mexico ranch before passing her off to th【2020年097期新老跑狗图 】e millionaire, according to reports. Jeffrey Epstein started his targeted grooming and manipulation of me as a child when I

was in New York Cit【2020今期跑狗图玄机 】y for a school trip. I first came into contact with an assist【六肖88期 】an【大圣取经怪正道打一生肖 】【2019年马经精版料荐 】t of Epsteins while on a high school dra【今期查码 】ma club field trip to New York City, the woman, now 31,【2018年23期跑狗图玄机图 】 told a press conference in Los Angeles. The woman, who only wishes to be referred 【香港马会资料万众118图库 】to as J【幽默玄机猜测图 】ane Doe 15, speaks for the 【俗称四不像的动物是 】first time of the encounters (Image: AFP via Getty Images) Prince Andrew, Duke of York, answers que【通天报另版图 】stions in a TV interview (Image: BBC) Read MoreRela【跑狗图玄机每期自动更新 】ted ArticlesPrince Andrews accuser films BBC interview in bid to shatter Duke’s sex denials After the alleged abuse Epstein invited her to his estate in the US Virgin Islands, luring her by saying Prince Andrew

would be there, but Jane D【开奖快报一肖中特 】oe 15 declined. Duke of York has been accused of having sex with E【赌神通天报2016 】pstein accuser Virginia Roberts at Epsteins island estate, but there is【246天天好彩www 308k 】 no evi【正版马会2020年86期跑狗图 】dence that Prince An

drew would【高清王中王跑狗玄机图 】 have been there when Jane Doe 15 wa【香港赛马会 职位待遇 】s invited. He has denied this allegation. The womans lawsuit says: Epstein explained to Jane Doe 15 that, when he slept on the bed, he liked to have women sleep at his 【2020-139期新版跑狗图 】feet. Jane Doe 15 again felt enormously confused, and did not understand what Epstein was saying or why he was telling 【白姐一肖一尾 】her this. Epstein’s description of the women sleeping around him on the floor made her immediately think of slaves. The woman was just 15 when she was allegedly groomed by Epstein and his associates (Image: BACKGRID) Read MoreR

elated ArticlesPrince Andrew acc【2020年037期正版四不像 】used of using N-word in Buckin【香港赛马会的微信 】gham Palace by ex-Dow【2019我114期神马报 】ning Street aide One of Eps【管家婆文字论坛一肖中特公开 】teins female associates, described 【跑狗图片124期 】as a woman with red hair, told the teenager Epstein really liked her, according to the lawsuit. That woman allegedly then asked the girl about her sexual history. The next day she summoned her to the main house on the 【119期 六肖牛 必中特六肖 】ranch for a massage. The court pape【宝宝论坛必中24码 】r added: Without Jane Doe 15’s consen【168图库168图库助手 】t, the woman proc

eeded to use her tongue to massage Jane Doe 15, focusing primarily on Jane Doe 15’s vagina and anus. Video【四不像解肖动物 】 LoadingVideo UnavailableClick to playTap to playThe video will start in8CancelPlay now The woman, who is now 31, speaks at a press conference (Image: AFP via Ge

tty Images) The red-haired woma【144跑狗图 】n – Epstein’s agent – then told Jane Doe 15 that Epstein really want

ed to give Jane Do【我要今天的四不像图 2020 】e 15 an orgasm. Epstein (once) conveye【香港七星财富报彩图 】d to Jane Doe 15 that he wanted to help her achieve [her] goals, and he present【143期跑狗图彩报 】ed her with a check for $5,000 (3,800) to give to the college【湖南平特一肖论坛 】. He also gave her several 【香港055期香港跑狗图 】hundred dollars in cash. But the woman is said to have declined subsequent invitations to join Ep


n at his private island in the US Virgin Islands as s【马报四不像生肖图136期 】he felt a deep sense of shame. Jeffrey Epstein died i【跑狗图119期2020年 】n jail awaiting trial (Image: New York State Sex Offender Regi) Read Mo【2020年145期跑狗报 】reTop news stories from Mirror OnlineSnow causes trea【四肖八码长期免费资料黄大仙 】cherous conditionsBrit【马中赤免人最爱打一生肖 】ain to rescue trapped UK citizensMiracle t【060期跑狗论坛 】ot saved despite heart stoppingKobe helicopter given special clearance

In the press conference, the alleged 【1494救世报当日来料 】victim urged Prince Andrew to voluntari【101玄机特马图 】ly speak to the FBI and the public t

o become aware of Epsteins crimes. I

m here today to ask that when you hear abou

t the crimes【2020开奖特马料 视频 】 committed against me and other victims, you dont feel sorry or bad for us. But that you feel angry. Jeffrey Epstein was only a small part of an insidious system o【九龙闪电图库看图 】f privilege that exploits children as sexual commodities and robs th

em of their youth, Jane Doe 15 said. Prince Andrew has alwa【香港马会最近50期开奖记录 】ys denied knowing about Epsteins alleged sex trafficking. He has also denied allegations that he had sex with a 17-year-old girl at Epsteins home in London in 2001.