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手机报码软件 &Win Call The Midwife set tour

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To celebrate Call The Midwife being the finale in Drama’s summer weekends today, we have a fantastic pri

ze draw comp【2017年095期跑狗图 】etition fo【青龙报资料大全 2020年 】r you to enter. With this tour for two, you and a friend could step behind the scenes of the iconic show, and 【猜一肖 】be guided throug【白小姐20 8年输尽光 】h the area’s history by your very own ‘【金水区教育体育局官网 】mi【老版跑跑狗图诗 】dwife’ tour guide, and picture【2017年的45期新跑狗图 】 the Historic Dockyard Chatham transformed into the 1950s London Poplar Dock. From props, c【2019.117期王中王四不像 】os

tumes, 【149期中特网 】the s【那个网有老跑狗图 】et and the grounds, this is the perfect opportunity for Call the Midwife fans. Plus if that’s not enough, you will also be able to relax after the walking tour by having a delicious three course meal at a Michelin star restaurant as well as overnight accommodation in a 5-star hotel in London. This is an in【118跑狗安卓版 】cre【165hk生财有道资料 】dible prize for Call The M【心水特码玄机报 最新 】idwife fans! And don【平特6十1一句话 】’t forget to tune int【最简单的特肖公式规律 】o Drama from 1pm today and next Sunday at 5pm to watch this much-loved show. How to enter: This prize draw competition closes at 3pm on Friday Augu【2020年005斯最新跑狗图 】st 31, 2018. UK only exc ROI. To be in with the【香港赛马会油麻地診所 】 chance of winning this fantastic prize, simply answer the following question. Terms and conditions 1. This prize draw competition is open to anyone who is 18+ and a resident of the United Kingdom including Northern Ireland except【2020年132期图案跑狗图 】 for employees of Reach plc group companies, Neon Agency and their immediate families. 2. This is a prize draw competition promoted and organised by Reach plc. 3. The prize will b【白小姐内幕玄机图45期 】e fulfilled by Neon Agency. 4. Entries must be submi【21期白小姐跑狗图 】tted before 3pm on Friday August 31, 2018 via an online submission at mirror.co.uk/callthemidwifecomp. Entries received after this date will not be accepted. 5. Only one winner will be selected at random, from all eligible entries. 6. Only one entry per person, per email address across the titles is permitted. Readers who fai【金多宝手机资料站欢迎尔 】l to comply with this rule may be disqualified. 7. There is one prize available from all of the correct and eligible entries received via the Mirror. 8. The winner will be chosen by a random number generator out of al【六开彩这期主图 】l correct and 【红姐论坛一肖中 】valid entri【走马观花打一生肖 】es. Evidence of this can be provided upon request. 9. This prize is for entry for two to the Historic Dockyard Chatham for a【13350老奇人玄资料 】 walki

ng tour of the Call the Midwife filming loca【四字中特玄机资料 】tions, a one night stay in a 5-star hotel in London and Michelin star dining (three course Meal for two). 10. The Michelin-star meal can be booked for either a lunch or dinner sitting. 11. The restaurant and hotel name will be co【彩霸内部三肖三码 】nfirme【稳赚包六肖三期必开 】d upon agreeing the date and time of the tour wit【012期跑狗玄机图2020 】h the winner. 12. The winner will be contacted by Tuesday Sept【993998com白姐图库 】ember 4, 2018 by email. 13. Several atte【管家婆跑狗图一语中特 】mpts will be made to get in contact with the winner, however if the winner fails to confirm acceptance of the prize by 3pm on Tuesday September 【香港2020年马经挂牌 】11, 2018 or if the winner choose【跑狗比赛视频 】s to forfeit the prize, Reach plc have the right to pick another winner at random. 14. The winner may be required to provide a credit card at time of hotel check-in to cover hotel incidentals. The details may also be used as a guarantee against any additional charges. In the event that the winner does not have a credit card it is possible that a cash deposit will b

e ta

ken from a debit card. 15. Please note – the room is【533cc 香港开奖结果 】 inclu【无错公式 】ded in t【兽中之王动物、打一肖 】he prize, however, any further inci

dentals used at the hotel such as telephone calls, room service, mini bar etc will be at the winner’s own expense.【风吹和顺打一肖 】 16. All aspects of this pri【2020年117期开奖结果 】ze are subject to availability. 17. No element of the prize is divisible or may be awarded separat【开奖二四六心水 】ely and is non-transferable. 18. There are no cash alternatives for this prize. 19. The pr【新加坡马会开马直播现场 】ize does not include the cost of travel, this is therefore the responsibility of the winner. 20. The winner can select dates up until October 31, 2018 for this year, or from March 2019 onwards nex【王中王网站345999王中王l百度 】t year. Tours are available on Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays at selected time 【口是心非猜一肖 】slots, varying for each day starting earliest at 10:30am. 21. Tours do not take place in the winter months. 22. Please note that any data collect【246天天免费好彩246 】ed in 【2017年跑狗玄机图50期 】this promotion will be solely used for the purpose of administering this prize draw competition and will not be used b【长久可用九肖公式规律算法 】y Reach plc for any other purposes, or shared with any third parties. 23. UKTV is【一字开头四来后打一肖 】 not responsible for the administration of th

is prize draw or fulfilment of the prize. 24. Reach plc will not be held liable for any technical fault in the submission of these entries. 25. Reach plc. and Neon Agency can in no way be held resp【2019第113期四不像生肖玄机图 】onsible for any theft or injury that might occur as a result of participating and acce【六合未来报 】pting this trip. 26. Winning entrants agree to the publication of their names on any Reach plc publication or website, which will also be at Reach plc’s sole discretion.

27. The winners name【最快手机看马现场开奖 】 can be available on request. 28. The winner may be required to participate in publicity arising from this promotion. 29. By entering the prize draw competition entrants agree to be bound by these t

erms【今期香港六会彩特码 】 and conditions. 30. These t

erms and conditio【彩库宝典跑狗图com 】ns shall be governed by the laws of England and Wales and are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales. 31. Standard Reach plc. prize draw competition terms apply. See mirror.co.uk/rules