东方心经波色生肖 Khorasan: Behind the Mysterious Name of the Newest Terrorist Threat

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It was six days after the Sept. 11 attacks, and with dark smoke still rising from lower Manhattan, Ali Soufan was face-to-face with the most senior al-Qaeda leader in American custody. Soufan, an FBI counterterrorism agent, was inside a Yemen prison, interrogating a captured al-Qaeda o

perative named Abu Jandal, a former bodyguard and confidante to Osama bin Laden. Abu Jandal was far from intimidated by his American interlocutor. To the contrary, he sought to menace him. You cant stop the mujahedin. We will be victorious, he smugly told Soufan. You want to know why? He c【复式二中二5码共几组 】ontinued with a grin: The hadith says If you see the black banners coming from Khurasan, join that army, even if you have to crawl over ice; no power will be able to stop them. 【苟且偷生打一肖 】 Soufan recognized this Islamic saying immediately, and interrupted【大东方心经A 】 Abu Jandal to complete it: And they will finally reach Baitul Maqdis [Jerusalem], where they will erect their flags, he s【看十九期打一肖 】aid. Related Stories

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itant Sentenced to 19 Years for Benghaz【新跑狗图暗码 】i Attacks

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【67期白小姐祺袍黑白图 】    The grin was gone. You know the hadith? Abu Jandal asked with surprise. Do you really work for the FBI? Abu Jandal 【2016年013期跑狗图高清 】had failed to appreciate that knowing the Khorasan hadith was part of the job of an Islamic terrorism expert like Soufan. As the former FBI agent explains in his 2013 book The Black Banners, the hadith of Khorasan sometimes also spelled Khurasan is fun【开平肖号码规律 】damental to radical Islamist ideology. A prophecy describing【免费 】 a Muslim army from Central Asia storming across the Middle East and into Jerusalem has【六开彩资料qq 】 long inspired violent jihadists. The hadith of Khorasan is newly relevant thanks to【香港内部六肖网址 】 the disclosure by U.S. officials of a terrorist group by that name operating in Syria. The Khorasan Group【万众118图库黑白图 】 was a surprise target of American air strikes in Syria on Monday night mostly aimed at the Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria (ISIS).   While America obsessed over ISIS in recent weeks, Khorasan remained unknown to the public until this month. President Obama had never pub【香港旧版跑狗图 免费下载 】lic【香港马报大刀皇资料 】ly men

tioned its name before Tuesday morning. But U.S. officials say they have tracked the group for two year【香港铁算盘3438正版 】s. Khorasan, they explain, consists of about two d【2016年75期的跑跑狗图 】ozen members of al-Qaedas core leadership. Previously based in Afghan【42777 com彩霸王l 】istan, Pakistan and Iran, the men recently relocated to Syria. Unlike al-Qaeda operativ

es who fight the Syrian regime under the name of al-Nusra 【正版输尽光2020年全资料 】Front, the members of Khorasan reportedly took advantage of the countrys lawlessness exclusively to plot terr【六开彩公司 】orist attacks against the West. (Officials are trying to confirm whether the groups leader, Muhsin al-Fadhli, was killed in Monday nights strik【跑狗论坛绿财神报 】es.) Even as Americans try to understand this new threat, many terrorism analysts are skeptical of the moniker. They question whether Khorasan truly constitutes an independent group, or simply a clique within al-Qaeda.

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or of Find, 【2018 53期三中三开什么生肖 】Fix, Finish. Peritz wonders if the group is meaningfully different from bin Ladens al-Qaeda. If senior members from a companys headquarters go 【神算报124期一点红 】wo【金牌十码直击三码 】rk in a branch office, are they stil

l part of the main office or a superempowered part of the branch? Peritz says. Its not like al-Qaeda operatives carry business cards. Peritz isnt alone in his skepticism. We used the term [Khorasan] inside the government, we dont know where it

came from, Robert Ford, who served until this spring as Obamas ambassador to Syria, told al-Jazeera on Wednesday. All I know is that they dont call themselves that. Two U.S. intelligence officials did not respond to requests for com

ment on the names origins. Amid that confusion, however, its clear that the word Khorasan sheds important light on the grandiose, even apocalyptic vision that drives many Sunni radicals to terrorism. The word itself refers to a historic region centered around modern Afghanist【另版潮汕赌经 】an and which spills into Iran, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. It was once an important part of the pre-Ottoman Islamic caliphate. The prophecy cited by Abu Jandal attributed to the Prophet Muhammad but which many experts call【2020新曾道内部玄机图a 】 of dubious origin imagines a Muslim army emerging from the reg【六合143期玄机特码料 】ion and conquerin【灵山卫毛家山村 】g the Middle East, including Jerusalem, under their black flags. This great victory, Soufan writes, amounts to the Islamic version of Armageddon. Soufan says many o【睡觉多少笔打一肖中特开 】f the al-Qaeda operatives he has interviewed believed they were helping to fulfill the Khorasan prophecy. Bi【精大细算精版(新图) 】n Laden was well aw【3d019天天彩图报纸今天 】are of Khoras

an. As former State 【曾道人每期一诗 】Department counterterrorrism official Daniel Benjamin notes in the new issue of TIME, the founder of al-Qaeda announced from Afghanistan in 1996 that he had found a safe base in the high Hindu Kush mountains in Khorasan. Bin Laden may have chosen al-Qaedas black flag as an homage to mythical black banner. The ISIS flag is also【提供四肖期期准准管家婆幽默 】 mostly blac【全年波色输尽光2020 】k.     【114期随便说说四不像 】【正版原创玄机解一肖 】  【2020香港新跑狗图 】  

Spotlight Story Kobe Bryant Had a Singular Impact on His Game and the World Bryant died in a helicopter crash near Los Angeles on Sunday, along with his daughter Gianna  Several videos are available online telling the story the black-flag Islamic army. One of them, titled The Emergence of Prophecy: The Black Flags of Khorasan, was part of a YouTube playlist created by the slain 2013 Boston Marathon bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev. The 13-minute video, which depicts the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan as a sign of the prophecys fruition, summons Muslims to join the battle. It

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